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  1. What is 'thin privilege' and who has it?
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  4. Here’s the real secret to losing weight and staying thin (Hint: You’re not going to like it)

Cora says she doesn't feel the burden of explaining thin privilege should just be placed on plus-size people. She tells BBC Three: "I really feel that when we're talking about inequalities in society, it should not always be the responsibility of the person who might be affected to be the one who brings those topics up in conversation.

There's this added trauma that comes from, first, being disadvantaged by something, and then, second, having to justify your existence to so many hostile people. In a series of tweets, she explains that thin privilege is not needing to fend off harassment and judgement for your size or for what you're eating.

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No one takes me seriously and I often get made fun of because of my stature. Someone please let me know if I have the thin privilege or not. For example you can have a big nose, big ears and bad skin and still be thin. Plus-size blogger Stephanie Yeboah agrees with Cora that thin people calling out their own privilege can be helpful. There are so many other movements that actually need allies.

The premise of the show is that a high school girl is made fun of for being overweight, before becoming thin one summer, coming back to school and exacting revenge on her former bullies. It includes fat suits and body shaming and sends the idea that slim is best. Thanks :.

People are sending me sideprofileselfies. Jesy Nelson: 'It's a time of my life that I will never get back'. Why do women's sizes look so different in different shops? Stacey Dooley investigates: 'After my third husband died, they strapped a suicide bomb to me'. Little Mix's Jesy Nelson: Online trolls made me want to die. If you eat good healthy food every single day of your life, you will have a healthier body.

Success is quite simply managing to accomplish good disciplines on a daily basis. The reason why the majority of people do not achieve a high level of success is the lack of consistency. They will eat well days out of 7, and work out 1 or 2 days per week. They will complete their tasks 3 times out of Mediocre consistency creates mediocre results.

What is 'thin privilege' and who has it?

If you want to experience life on a whole other level of personal success, you need to be the most consistent person possible. As you can see, the line between success and failure is very thin. The key here is to spot your errors early, learn from them, and fix them. Then, whatever you are doing that works, keep doing it every single day by developing the habit of consistency.

This is an absolute sure-fire way to obtain massive amounts of success. Great informative post. If consistency was easily maintained,I think there would be as many successful people.

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Unfortunately percent consistency in the real world is nearly impossible. Exactly…it's all about building that momentum and getting used to succeeding.

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Then, your perception begins to change and you can finally welcome success within your life more easily. Thanks for this great post.

The Skinny on Success: Why Not You? eBook – Ebookour Store

At one stage in my life I had grown accustomed to failure that I actually built a fear within me for success. Whenever I was on the verge of success I would subconsciously do something to secure my failure. But with everything it is about habitual behaviour, the more you succeed, the more you want to succeed, and success then becomes a habit.

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes delight in tripping one when success is almost within reach. I learned never to quit a task that I have set my mind to fulfill until I have achieved success on it, no stopping, it could just be a step away from victory, three feet away from greatness.

I really like this post. That's what this site is all about. Thanks for sharing! Wow, you hit a home run on this one for me. What you described is what I have been doing lately. I have been walking the line of inconsistency for months, for reasons I can't explain. Thank you. Hello Frederic, Its a nice post!!

Here’s the real secret to losing weight and staying thin (Hint: You’re not going to like it)

Great work. I just wanted a post like this. I am also interested in motivating people. Well, when we treat our failure as a feedback for adjustment it develops into a really a healthy coping mechanism for failure. Much healthier than slumping over it and feeling crappy about it. Know how to understand these feelings and the emotional response of discouragement.

Use it to our advantage rather than turning them off. Everything that I am stating is based on my personal thoughts and feelings derived from my experiences.

You of course can disagree or omit this as advice, BUT I have a feeling this applies to everyone. You make a good point, success and failure is subjective to our own definition of each one accordingly.